Insurance Law

We have supported the settlement of insurance claims since 2005, and we know everything required to settle any insured event in favor of our client.

Our clients include transport and forwarding companies, trade and shopping centers, banks, hotel facilities and other businesses.

The services we render to our clients as part of this practice include, among others:

—legal review of insurance contract terms and conditions at the execution stage (we analyze insurance coverage, as well as apparent and hidden exclusions therefrom);

— developing courses of action for the parties during loss settlement;

—legal support of the pre-trial stage of loss settlement;

— appointment of experts at the pre-trial stage and in court;

— representing clients in courts and commercial courts, including during enforcement proceedings.

Representing Clients in Russian Regions

LCI Partner lawyers represent clients in all regions of the Russian Federation, including the main administrative centers and more than 112 cities, giving our clients the following advantages:

— cutting the costs of employing internal lawyers in regions;

— ensuring the appearance of representatives in all litigations, regardless of their venue, including in cities where the client has no representative offices;

— using the best legal practices prevailing in specific regions.

Dispute Resolution

Our team includes the top lawyers and legal experts specializing in the following areas of litigation:

— insurance disputes;

— corporate disputes;

— economic (commercial) disputes;

— antitrust disputes;

— land disputes, disputes concerning leases, construction and real estate;

— disputes in the oil and gas sector, including disputes in the field of electric and heat power industry;

— financial lease disputes;

— bankruptcy disputes;

— consumer disputes and disputes in the field of retail and wholesale trade.


Our Bankruptcy practice unites experienced lawyers and renders the following services:

— representing creditors’ interests in relations with insolvency receivers, representing clients in commercial courts, supporting clients in having their claims included on the register of creditors, challenging the illegal actions of insolvency receivers and the invalid transactions of the debtor. We collect information on debtors, their affiliates and controlling persons to ascertain the liquidity of debts;

— developing various forms of debt restructuring, arranging for the conclusion of settlement agreements during bankruptcy proceedings;

— comprehensive support of bankruptcy proceedings, representing insolvency receivers, including arranging meetings of the creditors and the committee of creditors, representing insolvency receivers in courts, liaising with self-regulatory organizations of insolvency receivers;

— legal support of criminal investigations into the activities of bad faith debtors and representing creditors in the criminal proceedings.

Corporate Law

The Corporate Law practice at LCI Partner is represented by lawyers with many years of experience of managing the legal departments of exhibition centers, hotel facilities, oil and gas companies, and international companies.

As part of this practice, our Partners provide the following services:

— full legal support of the operation of public joint-stock companies;

— corporate support of activities of the client organization and its affiliates, holding and drafting documents for the meetings of shareholders (including for companies with over a thousand shareholders), the management board and the board of directors;

— ensuring timely disclosure of information by public joint-stock companies;

— ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Moscow Exchange and the Central Bank of Russia in order to maintain the company’s shares in the highest quotation list.

Consulting in corporate and contract law includes:

— legal support of activities of Russian and foreign legal entities;

— advising clients on the issuance of and trading in securities;

— advising clients on corporate decision-making procedures;

— advising clients on buyouts of shares as part of voluntary or mandatory offers, as well as the procedures for “squeezing out” minority shareholders;

— contracts-related work, including taking part in negotiations and drafting commercial contracts.

Insurance Forensic

Insurance fraud is not always a criminal offence that is committed by third parties. Unfortunately, in many instances fraud is perpetrated in collusion by the insured parties and the employees of insurance companies.

We have at the ready efficient methods to identify internal fraud in the areas of private health insurance, comprehensive and collision insurance, as well as in the operations of agent networks. We have elaborated systems for detecting losses, as well as “red flags” in terms of risks to be insured that are more likely to involve elements of fraud; we have also mastered the leading approaches and tools to combat fraud.

LCI Partner works with the leading security organizations, taking part in insurance investigations as a separate area of our work.

We have built a wide network of partners both in Russia and abroad that enables us to act efficiently and promptly in the best interests of our clients.

Information and analytical services

Gathering, research, analysis and monitoring of information regarding private companies, as well as their beneficiaries, both in Russia and abroad. Corporate investigations, in various areas of private companies, as well as other information and consulting services.

Transport Law

With changes abounding in the market of carriage of freight by road and in view of the great number of forwarders, carriers and logistics companies, there remain customers of freight trucking services that are dissatisfied with the quality of such services, while the participants of logistics processes are by far not always protected from bad faith counterparties.

LCI Partner offers legal support of carriage and forwarding contracts involving all types of domestic and international transportation, irrespective of the kinds of freight, including:

— drafting a complete set of documents “from scratch” and structuring efficient systems for managing documents with clients and service providers;

— representing clients at all stages of litigation on claims for the recovery of debt and other claims, as claimant or respondent, including participation in the bankruptcies of debtors;

— recovering losses from the party responsible for damage to or loss of cargo;

— legal support of the retention of freight, including in cases of wrongful retention of freight;

— representing freight owners, consignors, consignees, and forwarding agents in disputes with insurance companies.

Real Estate and Construction

Our team of lawyers has a proven history providing the comprehensive legal support for all aspects of Russian Real Estate and Construction transactions and projects.

— Greenfield and Brownfield projects, including Industrial Parks

— Zoning and Compliance

— Construction law

— Land Acquisition

— Commercial Leasing

— Land and Immovable Property Disputes

Olga Zlotya

Managing Partner, Founder of LCI Partner

Graduated from the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) and the MGIMO University (School of Insurance Business).

She has successfully headed the legal departments of such companies as “ERGO” Insurance Company, Insurance Group “Spasskije Vorota”, and the All-Russian Union of Insurers (ARUI).